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Shifting is done and dusted. Six nights, sold out. Six night, six standing ovations. While we gather our thoughts on everything, here’s some of what you may have missed. Needless to say, Bohemian Rhapsody will have taken on a whole new meaning for those involved in the show 🙂

Shifting - Alan Doyle as Eddie

Pic above: Alan Doyle as Eddie / Ed / Edward / Edbert (even)

Bohemian Rhapsody Gets In The Swing

Pic above: L-R: Peter O’Conner (Jim), Aoibhin Murphy (Laura), Geoff Warner-Clayton (David), Alan Doyle (Ed), John Kennedy (Jamie)

Mama... ooooooooooooh

Pic above: Peter O’Conner (Jim), Aoibhin Murphy (Laura)

Guitar Hero

Pic above: John Kennedy as Jamie. He’s so good on Guitar Hero that he can even play two player mode, by himself, and win. When we said every element of our set was functional, we meant it.

The Curtain Call

Pic above: The curtain call on dress rehearsal night. Visible cast (L-R): Adrian Kavanagh (Eamon), Jess Walsh (Anna), Aoibhin Murphy (Laura), Colin O’Brien (Mark)

The above photos taken by Nathanael McDonald Photography on the dress rehearsal night of Shifting (Sunday April 17th)

The dust has settled on the opening night of Shifting, the hoover is coming out of the storage closet, the windows are open and it’s a bright sunny Tuesday morning. We’re shifting. Or at least, we’re off and running with Shifting.

Last night’s performance was the mark of six weeks of hard work on week nights and weekends by a cast where all but one or two have worked with us previously. Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong and you were in the house last night but from standing behind the tech desk you could see that the audience and actors loved every aspect of the show, with the standing ovation and cheers well deserved.

And if you were one of the lucky ones to get a ticket for last night’s sold-out performance, then thank you very much for helping to mark a special night for both the cast and the company. Shifting marks the first time that not one of the founder members or core members of the company has take to the stage and truth be told, takes us founding members back almost ten years to when we started doing more adult style theatre.

The fine folk you will meet on stage over the course of the week are part of “the new class”, if you will, at The Devious Theatre Company and we welcome them with open arms and hope that our work with them continues long past Shifting.

On the ticket front, when I joked about tickets for Shifting being something like hens teeth earlier in the week, I wasn’t messing. Last night was a capacity show, with tonight, tomorrow, Friday and Saturday already fully booked out. We are able to take names for a waiting list for tickets during the week. You can also try posting on our Facebook page to see if anyone is up to swapping tickets for a particular night, or you can come along early in the night to see if any tickets on reserve go uncollected. Uncollected tickets will be released to buy around 7:50 or so, with seats opened to waiting patrons from the 7:40 mark.

That said, there are about a half dozen tickets for Thursday but we’ve already shifted some of them to the early visitors to the ticket desk this morning so if you’re after a ticket, don’t delay.

If you were at the show last night, we’d love to hear what you thought. Leave a comment below, drop us a line on Facebook or email us to tell us what you think. We’re gonna get this placed cleaned up for the second performance tonight and sure we might see you there!

Shifting - Audio Shorts

We’re here. We’ve arrived. The week of Shifting.

Tickets have been flying out the door to the point that if you’re looking for a ticket for tonight’s opening performance, Saturday’s closing performance and Good Friday, then you may well be out of luck. Tickets for Tuesday through Thursday are still available to buy online or in person from the Arts Office (box office open from 10am daily).

Anyway, before we even got to the point of opening the show, we had been planning a series of audio shorts to promote Shifting. This is something we did for Smitten back in 2008 in a very small capacity (30 second audio trailers) but for Shifting we decided we would put some of our younger writers to the task once more to come up with some short stories based on the definition of the word shifting.

Shifting: Exchange

The first piece, dubbed ‘Exchange’ looks at the definition of shifting as being to replace one object with another or others. Exchange was written by Rhian Gibson, who plays Hillary, and was voiced by Stephanie Cassin who joins us for the first time as part of our front of house team for the week.

Shifting: To Transfer

The second piece, To Transfer, looks at the definition of shifting as being to transfer from one place to another – think of the cot to school, school to college, college and beyond. This piece was written and voiced by John Kennedy, who plays Jamie in Shifting and is also the one responsible for writing the production.

Shifting: Kissing

The final piece of the installment looks at the definition of the word shifting as meaning kissing, pure Kilkenny slang. It was written by Eleanor Walsh, the youngest of our fair group for this production, and is voiced by Sorcha O’Boyle who previously worked with is on Scratcher earlier in year.

All three pieces aired first on KCLR 96FM before hitting the web and our thanks go to KCLR and Edwina Grace for facilitating the shorts and for having the cast on air last Friday.

All of the shorts were recorded here at the Arts Office.

So, while you get busy to listening to our Shifting Audio Shorts, we’re getting busy with the very last of the set dressing and cleaning up before opening the doors later this evening. Doors open at 7:30pm and sight may be restricted, given the work is very site specific. On that note we’re recommending you arrive early and on time, with the show kicking off at 8pm.

See all y’all later…

With one week to go until Shifting opens here in No. 76, rehearsals have really been picking up here. We had a fairly intensive weekend where we did some more work on the set (it’s really starting to look like a sitting room now) and we did a few runs of the play. There was a lot of pulling, tweaking, reblocking, yanking, shouting and dancing being done, but the play is really coming into it’s own. The actor’s are growing in confidence and our crack team of theatre professionals are getting to grips with the technical demands of our house party. We’re confident it’s going to be a good show and will hopefully prove just as popular as the first part of In The Future When All’s Well, Scratcher. Shifting by John Kennedy opens next Monday night at 8pm and runs until April 23rd.

Here’s a look at some of the scenes from the play in action. All photos are by Nathanael McDonald Photography.

We’re just over a week away from the opening of Shifting here at the Arts Office and the promo wagon is surely picking up speed. Last night we launched the trailer for Shifting (watch the video above). It was filmed here at the Arts Office and features a vocal performance by Jess Walsh (playing Anna) and Geoff Warner-Clayton on guitar / uke (playing David). The track is an arrangement of Morrissey’s I Know Very Well How I Got My Name.

All things going well, if you tune into Martin Bridgeman on KCLR 96FM on Saturday night you might even get to hear a radio version of the track.

Tickets are available for Shifting here at the Arts Office. You can call Niamh to make a reservation on 056-7794138 or drop during the day to pick up tickets in person. For students, youth groups and younger folk, we’re offering a special €5 ticket for Monday 18th only with tickets Tuesday 19th to Saturday 23rd priced €10. Tickets are limited to 70 per night so given how Scratcher went at No 76 you’d do well to get your tickets sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment!

Enjoy the video!

If you can’t call in in person prior to the opening of Shifting, don’t forget that you can get your tickets online via Tickets booked online incur a €1 booking fee. Tickets for Monday night’s performance are only available to buy in person.

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