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15th October
My experimentation in the world of 3d was interrupted slightly by an offer of a show during the project and this meant I had to get five paintings completed before I could loose myself again. As you can see from the images, my stay at No 72 was very productive both during and in the weeks months that following. It has given me new directions in which to investigate and enriched by career. I have partaken in several long term residencies but have learnt more on the short stay in Kilkenny that any other. I was forced to attack and resolve some of my artistic demons over the short but intense stay.


The residency as a whole was a great opportunity to develop my practice in an empowering environment. I saw the opportunity as a chance to explore new directions in which I could use to vary my artist vocabulary, and that was exactly what happened. The work produced was shown shortly after in temple bar (with the Stone Gallery). The images above show the sculpture pieces and a variety of paintings the majority created in Kilkenny. One of my aims was to be able to work with space, as opposed to just hanging paintings on walls and to create assemblages as a painting in three dimensions. This is just the beginning of what I hope to be a long line of investigation. The residency gave me the support to experiment and make mistakes, in order to explore new techniques and create new challenging work.

25th June
For me, it was important to celebrate the end of the residency while showing the produced works.  For several reasons:
• I think that the end of a project must be celebrated.
• This is not only ‘what if’, its real, on the walls.
• To see the work in a perfect environment with people around gives another dimension to the work and allows taking good pictures for future files.
• It is important to take advantage of that kind of event to thank people involved in the project.  I think about all the people around Eogan for example.

At first there was no time for a celebration but Mary and the Arts Office staff managed something and we organised an opening.  This was a really good occasion. 


What the residency brought me?
• I realised 10 paintings 100cm x 100cm and even if I find some weaknesses in one or the other, it was important to finish the project.
• To have the time and the budget to dedicate myself to only a single objective.
• Process rationalisation.
• Perfected techniques of collage and colour.
• Clarification of the concept and objectives.
• The collaboration with Eogan was very beneficial.  After the first of his discourses, he thanked me for helping him to realise his vision but I think that I learned more from him that the opposite.
• Professionally and personally it was very good.

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