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28th May
My first objective was to prepare, to regulate all the problems of material and practical order.  Thus, I could fully focus on the project.  I had little time before the residency launch.  I therefore needed the first week to install a workshop in the gallery. 
I finalised contacts with Eogan.
The art team from the County Council were very helpful at this early stage in helping me become established in the work environment there.
As I use a lot of photocopied material, it was good to have a shop close to the gallery. I worked at the gallery from Monday to Friday.  At the weekend I needed to work at the KCAT building on the County Council project because the County Council offices were closed.  This constraint became a work method. 

01/10/06 Sunday

John Gorry helps move the previous rolled drawings, easel, board, tool trays and studio equipment down to 72 John Street.
No problems on a quiet morning and all is done within less than half an hour. Afternoon spent sorting drawings and source material here at home.
Somewhat excited by the start tomorrow.
To have that space with its bright light and wall surfaces available is going to so much better than the dungeon that was the Maltings. It was in the Maltings that the idea for the long drawings originated. There in 72 they can be continued on a grand scale. Hope the knee holds up.


On Monday 25th September, to celebrate the projected work, bought from The Paint Pot, a pair of white painters €25 dungarees and three rolls of various width masking tape.

29/09/06 Friday

Collect ordered goods from Jo and Anne at Art & Hobby Shop in Market Cross and deliver this to 72 John Street where Niamh helps me unload.
3 Rolls Fabriano 1.5 x 10m.
1pk Fabriano 605 x 806mm.
5 Lyndhurst Sketchbooks
4 tins fixative
12 silver pencils
5 graphite sticks

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