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I tidied up the twigs piece. I didn’t really like it. It was only a mock-up for a ceramic sculptural piece and it stayed longer than it should have. I did rescue the grassy centre and made a new form. I also created another new form using the peat, stones and grass seeds and eventually I will connect them up.

The studio is really filling up. I like the visual effect of the pieces working together. The grass and peat balls hanging from the ceiling bring a different element to the work. People are encouraged to look closely at the grass, the hanging forms are at different levels.


It was a busy day for visitors, I suppose the Rhythm and Roots festival brought a lot of people into the town.  


Today some students from the Ormonde College of Art visited the studio. I spoke about my work in progress.  


People who come into the space tell me how the work reminds them of something from their childhood. A finnish lady came in and loved the grass and peat balls. They remind her of a finnish tradition of  putting grass on a plate at easter time and putting it under the bed in the dark. When the grass grows, they would place chicks and rabbits in the grass.  

Other people have memories of forming mud into balls and mud pies and setting up shop to ” sell” them. This communication with people and the sharing of stories is becoming an element of the residency that I would like to explore in the future.  Niamh ( arts administrator ) has also commented on the number of people who stop and look in the window. People seem genuinely interested in the work. I feel it is  is a combination  of shared experiences of the materials and how we relate to them that attract people.

Today I decided to experiment with bubblewrap. There has been a huge roll of it in the studio since I started the residency. I want to make work that will use the wall space too but the peat and paper isn’t really working out.  I tries a small square of bubble wrap and filled each bubble with peat. This is a really slow process and it took me the whole afternoon to complete it. It looks like a beehive structure. I am thinking of growing some seeds in each bubble too.



I started to work on a new piece today. I want to use the window more efficently and connect the pieces already on the ground. Looking at the peat and grass balls I considered how I could use them. I want to hang work from the ceiling so I decided to put them inside the tights. I hung up a few but they hung at the same level. I made some heavier so that they would hang at different levels.

I also decided to hang up the paper and peat and I extended it to the floor using peat and stones.

This forms is in the window so that people can see the grass seeds grow over the course of this residency. I raked the sand first , very Japanese. Sand is used in Japanese gardens to represent water so it is raked to resemble the waves.  The peat balls were rolled in grass seeds so hopefully they will grow!!! 

Over the course of this residency the forms on the ground have often been walked on. People expect work to be displayed on the walls and not on the ground. I had just finished making this piece and it was walked on. This seems to be part of making work on the ground. I read that Andy Goldsworthy had just finished a piece using leaves and a dog ran right through it.        

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