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Here’s a look at another of the shows from our In The Future When All’s Well residency here in No.76. This shows one of the more popular scenes from Shifting by John Kennedy wherein the characters at the party take part in a little bit of late night Bohemian Rhapsody. Par for the course at most parties isn’t it? If you missed the show, it gives a good indication of the set for the play and how we changed the formation from Scratcher.

Shifting played April 18th – 23rd this year in Kilkenny Arts Office.

With one week to go until Shifting opens here in No. 76, rehearsals have really been picking up here. We had a fairly intensive weekend where we did some more work on the set (it’s really starting to look like a sitting room now) and we did a few runs of the play. There was a lot of pulling, tweaking, reblocking, yanking, shouting and dancing being done, but the play is really coming into it’s own. The actor’s are growing in confidence and our crack team of theatre professionals are getting to grips with the technical demands of our house party. We’re confident it’s going to be a good show and will hopefully prove just as popular as the first part of In The Future When All’s Well, Scratcher. Shifting by John Kennedy opens next Monday night at 8pm and runs until April 23rd.

Here’s a look at some of the scenes from the play in action. All photos are by Nathanael McDonald Photography.

We’ve just unveiled the entire trio of posters for Shifting. The print copies arrived at No. 76 yesterday and we immediately started into a redecorating spree down the front of the Arts Office. There’s currently a big A0 version in the main window of the arts office with lots of other ones decorated elsewhere. As you can see, the set of 3 form one main poster when they’re put together so we’ve got a lot of each. Roughly speaking, it breaks down as 25 posters of the individual posters, 15 large versions of the main poster, 10 landscape versions of the main poster and the aforementioned A0. If there’s one thing we don’t do by half, it’s our posters. It’s without doubt the most important part of promoting a play. And already these posters are getting some passers by stopping and checking out the display. Yellow is a colour we haven’t really used in the colour palette for any of our shows before and we thought it was a nice youthful, summery colour for the play. Also, Kilkenny colours for a Kilkenny play!  The new posters also got posted around the town yesterday so we’re hoping with their yellow, eye catching design, it’ll grab a few eyes and persuade them to visit No. 76 when Shifting plays from April 18th – 23rd. Here’s the entire collection!

The dawning realisation that we’re nearly halfway through Shifting hit  us during this weekend. Time certainly flies. And when you’re on residency here in No. 76 and you’ve got a production every 2 months, then time really flies an awful lot quicker.

This weekend we arrived at the stage where the play is pretty much blocked (give or take a few entrances and exits) so now we have another 3 weeks to knock it all into shape, tighten it up, throw things out, throw new things back in and generally make the best play that we possibly can. The actors on this one have taken to a Devious Theatre production like fish to water and I’m already confident that they’re going to really establish themselves as some of the best young actors in Kilkenny once the play opens. It’s been great to get so many talented young people into the Arts Office and have them making theatre.

One of our big areas of focus on this production is going to be turning No. 76 into the sitting room location that Shifting takes place in. I think people might well think that the formation we used for Scratcher is going to be the one we’ll use here but there’s a big difference between having an abstract dole office set up and a fully functional sitting room for a house party.

Our set designer Eddie Brennan came up with the idea of building a sitting room into the corner of the Arts Office where there’s already existant windows and doors. Then we had the idea that because the play happens in real time that we can use a certain amount of natural lighting which hopefully will look quite nice if the sun comes onside with us! We’ve put out a call for couches (which was kindly answered) and we’re slowly but surely starting to move in everything that will turn the space into a sitting room. The toughest part is going to be the walls. We know we want them to be yellow (like the colour scheme in the poster) but we’re not sure if wallpaper or paint is going to be our best bet yet. What we do know is that we want to have a really well laid out, immersive, detailed set that will give the actors plenty to interact with and can really thrust the audience into the world of the play. At least that’s the idea!

Turning No. 76 into different theatrical spaces has been one of the most exciting parts of the residency. We really enjoyed giving audiences a completely unique experience for Scratcher and we’re equally excited about doing it for Shifting. Audiences like to walk into new spaces and see something that they haven’t before. For us, we get to take our blank canvas of a room and turn it into something else altogether. We hope it’s going to make for an exciting theatrical experience when the play opens in 3 weeks time.

So make sure you come along between April 18th and 23rd and see what we’ve done with the place!

Time is flying by at No. 76. As in, quite literally, flying. With a capital F. Scratcher is rapidly becoming a thing of the past as we find we’ve missed St. Patrick’s Day in the blink of an eye, due largely in part to working with this bunch.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new additions to The Devious Theatre Company. In most shows we try to add one new face, or at least one face that wasn’t in the previous show. This time, we’re adding twelve though folks who made the trip to Scratcher in February or Stags and Hens in July 2009 may remember one of the cast of Shifting but outside of Geoff, there’s eleven faces there that have never appeared in a Devious production before.

That’s all about to change, of course.

With a poster shoot planned for this weekend and a video shoot planned for next weekend – both in the Arts Office – we’re now just a month away from opening Shifting, written by John Kennedy, as the second of three works in our residency.

The cast, pictured above includes (if you can read the inscription on the photo) Connie Walsh, Alex Christle, Ruth Phelan, Alan Doyle, Aoibhin Murphy, Jessica Walsh, Rhian Gibson, John Kennedy, Adrian Kavanagh, Colin O’Brien, Geoff Warner-Clayton and Peter O’Connor.

Shifting kicks off at No. 76 on Monday April 18th and yes, we’ll be performing on Good Friday too so if you’re looking for a reason to get out of the house, then let Shifting be it.

Tickets are on sale online NOW and will be available to buy in person from this Wednesday.

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