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daffodil gardendaffodils in buckets

The mustard seeds are growing. Its amazing as I thought the seeds needed more light. Peolpe still mistake the peat,sand and stones piece for a rug. It’s quite funny when they realise that it not.

Yesterday I rang a few florists in Kilkenny and managed to get ten pieces of oasis. I decided to try to keep the daffodils alive for as long as I could as so many peole have commented on the smell of the flowers. In creating a space for contemplation smell is an important element.

While I was arranging the daffodils in groups according to colour and placing them into the oasis, alot of people stopped to look at the flowers. I have often noticed that people tend to walk past the window without glancing in but yesterday was different. I think people are surprised to see so many daffodils as their season is nearly finished. It took quite awhile to arrange the daffodils. At first I thought that I would place the daffodils on the same level and create a flat surface. Then I glanced at my research on the Hill Of Tara and other sacred spaces such as newgrange and reconsidered the arrangement.

I spent the last few days searching for suitable containers for the daffodils. Initially I wanted to create an installation piece using the daffodils and peat. The daffodils would not last very long so I decided to find a suitable container.

I brought in my potters wheel as I had the idea to throw simple cylinder forms and place the daffodils into the unfired containers. I like the effect of repetition especially Anthony Gromely’s work with the clay people.

I tried a few cylinders but decided against using them this time but it will definitely be something I will  return to during this residency.

I had a few people call into the gallery space to make a teabowl. It is amazing to see people get very involved with the clay.

Today Mary and myself went to Maidenhall near Bennettsbridge to pick daffodils. It was amazing to see so many daffodils in one place. We spent about an hour or over picking daffodils. It was such a beautiful day. There are so many different types or species of daffodils. Some in particular are very beautiful. While I was there I took some photos of the garden. I liked the maze effect to the hedges.

Yesterday I added two circular forms to the larger peat form. I also went across to the garden centre and bought some mustard and cress seeds which I planted in the large peat, sand and stone form. These seeds should grow over the next couple of days. I also comlpted another painting using similar tones and colours. I find making these painting very theraputic and almost like mediation as I get lost in the process.

I am off now to look for containers for the daffodils. These will become part of the sacred space that I hope to create throughout the 8 weeks in the Arts office.

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