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Today I arrived in with an armload of sticks. I set to work removing the stakes and replacing them with the more organic shapes of the sticks. Ben was definitely right about the stakes, there was even a mention of dracula which made me laugh.

I was away visiting a friend at the weekend and met her wonderful friends. We were all invited back to one house and I noticed that there was a small area on the kitchen table given over to a sacred space and it was through this that we chatted about my work. At the mention of a sacred space she set about making a CD for me on the same theme.

I have just spent the morning listening to this while starting to make the tall tree like forms from clay.

Every morning I like to take our dog for a walk in the wood. Last monday I woke up to a snow covered landscape and couldnt wait to get out for a walk. I brought my camera with me and took some photos of the snow in the wood. I was thinking about how I love walking in the morning when it is so peaceful and quiet and I was also thinking about ceramics. An idea, a drawing, a feeling revealed itself to me and when I got into the studio I immedaitely started drawing with charcoal.

This was the starting point for me and I continued to make more drawings this time using watercolours.

Mary Butler saw the drawings and I spoke to her about the ceramic installation I want to make. She was really helpful and offered me lots of advice on making a mock up to get the feel for the scale of the ceramic installation.

making a tea bowl

Today I decided to use the potters wheel. Last week I brought it into the studio and it had remained idle for a few days. I threw some tea bowls all different shapes and sizes and I forgot how like meditation it can be. I have to focus on the clay and what is happening on the wheel.

Patrick O Connor came in today and made two tea bowls. Patrick was an Artist in residence in the same space a while back.

I am really enjoying watching the seeds grow on the peat forms and the way they lean towards the natural light. I want to use the whole space not just the floor so I started to think about other sacred spaces. The forest and woodlands are special places and for me there is a sense of awe at the beauty of them. I took some photos of the woods near my house early on Monday morning when the snow had fallen and I used these as a source of inspiration for drawing.

The mustard and cress seeds are growing.

These tree like forms will be hand built and raku fired.

I also had my first impromptu visit from a group of special needs people and they wanted to watch me throw a tea bowl( which i did). Some really enjoyed asking questions and were very inquistive. I enjoyed their brief visit.

daffodil gardendaffodils in buckets

The mustard seeds are growing. Its amazing as I thought the seeds needed more light. Peolpe still mistake the peat,sand and stones piece for a rug. It’s quite funny when they realise that it not.

Yesterday I rang a few florists in Kilkenny and managed to get ten pieces of oasis. I decided to try to keep the daffodils alive for as long as I could as so many peole have commented on the smell of the flowers. In creating a space for contemplation smell is an important element.

While I was arranging the daffodils in groups according to colour and placing them into the oasis, alot of people stopped to look at the flowers. I have often noticed that people tend to walk past the window without glancing in but yesterday was different. I think people are surprised to see so many daffodils as their season is nearly finished. It took quite awhile to arrange the daffodils. At first I thought that I would place the daffodils on the same level and create a flat surface. Then I glanced at my research on the Hill Of Tara and other sacred spaces such as newgrange and reconsidered the arrangement.

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