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Artist Deirdre Gallagher will be undertaking a residency at Kilkenny County Council Arts Office from October 19th – January 27th 2012. She will be in Kilkenny three days a week for this period, working in the Arts Office space, 76 John Street and at Kilkenny’s newly developed Fine Arts Print Studio, Blackstack Print Studio in Parliament Street.

Deirdre currently lives in the small village of Castleconnell, County Limerick. She worked in the electronic industry for twenty one years before returning to her passion of fine art. She attended the Limerick School of Art and Design where in 2008 graduated with a first class BA honours in Fine Art Printmaking and was Limerick Printmakers bursary Award winner. Since then she has been a member of Limerick Printmakers gallery and studio where she continues to practice printmaking and other studio activities.

Her current inspiration comes from the writings of the Irish poet and philosopher John O’Donoghue, the landscapes of Connemara and the Burren. In our fast paced society we seldom capture but a glimpse of our rural landscape, however these places still remain wild and untamed by human domestication. The freedom these places provide, allow our bodies to unclench and our minds to reach a level of calmness so that we may be alone but yet belong. In the rural landscapes we are not bound by the rules of human time, the landscape is a silent witness to humanity that keeps our memories and secrets but withholds judgement. In her work she attempts to capture the experience of her connection to the landscape, finding locations where she can truly be herself, without judgment and yet with a sense of belonging and connection.

To date all of her work is produced through printmaking combining a variety of processes such as dry point and collograph or etching and collograph. This allows Deirdre to create contrasting layers of texture and line. The prints are often large in scale with bold blocks of colour increasing their atmospheric effect. Essentially Deirdre’s prints range from large bold textured works to the simplest and delicacy of line.

Her past work has been inspired by our landscapes textures and colour, stones, dandelions in flight, and more recently trees. She has been gathering information how people connect with trees and how some go on to have a special bond with them. Deirdre plans to explore this further during her time here at the Arts Office, no. 76
John Street.

Deirdre will be joined by three Kilkenny based artists including Maeve Coulter, Caroline Schofield and Vicky Cody.
Maeve graduated from the Limerick School of Art and Design in 1997 with a BA in Fine Art Print. The following year she attained a Higher Diploma in Art Education, specialising in Textiles. She now works in both disciplines and teaches art part-time.
Her current work references the tradition of quilt making; of re-using fabrics from our everyday lives to create something new. A traditional quilt is like a life story, told through fragments of fabric that once clothed, protected and comforted us. She is exploring the notion of domesticity and home-making, our sense of identity and belonging. Maeve uses etching and silkscreen printing on fabrics that played a part in her life, from childhood to more recent times. She prints directly from objects connected to her home using collagraphs and photo silkscreen.

Vicky Cody also graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design, having first completed a level 5 NCVA at Grennan Mill Craft School, here in Kilkenny. Over the past two years Vicky has been working in the medium of collage. Transformation is a recurring theme in her practice. She feels that working with paper is the perfect medium as it enables constant transformation. Her work is strongly influenced by Victorian art and working on paper conveys the frailty that underlies the tragic and romantic themes in my work. Vicky has also recently joined the Blackstack Studio, as she wants to combine her collage work with printmaking. She believes that this residency will enable her to explore and return to large installation pieces consisting of screen printed images and paper assemblage.

Caroline Schofield graduated from NCAD with a diploma in Fashion & Textiles, she
also hold a City & Guilds in Patchwork, Quilting & Embroidery , a Foundation in
Art Therapy and a Certificate in Visual Education. She has exhibited widely and won 1st prize in the Felt Category at this years RDS National Craft Competition. Caroline has recently returned to her exploration of the human form and is attending the RHA life drawing sessions in Dublin weekly. As Caroline states, the Arts Office in John’s Street sits watching a bustling urban landscape of human activity. So she intends to use her time in this residency watching and drawing and maybe even interacting with some of the human activity on the street and also considering what the Human Condition actually is?

The four artists will work here in their studio spaces in the Arts Office on different days of the week Deirdre will be here on Wednesdays, Thursday and Fridays, Maeve will be here on Fridays, Vicky will be on site on Wednesdays and Thursdays and Caroline on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays .

The studio spaces are opened to the public weekly from Tuesday to Friday 9.30am – 5pm, closed for lunch 1pm -2pm.

For further details on this or any other Arts Office activities please contact the Arts Office, County Hall, John Street, Kilkenny on 056 7794135.
E: Mary Butler, Arts Officer
Niamh Finn, Arts Administrator
Artists residency blog:

Kilkenny County Council Arts Office Partner Local Authority of the ArtLinks Programme

Devious Theatre Company are looking for actors aged between 15 – 20 to come on board for the production of ‘Shifting’ which will be the second play in our current In The Future When All’s Well season of work. ‘Shifting’ very much looks to the future as it chronicles a group of friends in present day Kilkenny as they break apart amidst fracturing relationships while coming to terms with the dawn of adulthood. This original piece of comic drama is written by John Kennedy who is our associate writer for the duration of the residency here in No. 76 John Street.

To this end, we’ll be holding auditions on the 8th, 10th and 12th of February in No. 76 John Street. If you want to come and audition for us, please send an email to letting us know who you are, what you’ve done to date and what audition date suits you best.

Artist’s residencies are extremely important as they tend to have a lasting impact on the artists ranging from substantial shifts in their work and or in the direction of their practice. They often enable artists to develop new networks and meet others from different backgrounds. Overall they also offer artists that much needed period of contemplation and reassessment. Residencies allow the Arts Office to support Arts Practitioners ‘assisting artists in realising their artistic ambitions’ (Arts Council of Ireland).

Marie Connole will commence her six week residency at Kilkenny County Councils Arts Office, no. 72 John Street on Monday February 4th 2008. Marie’s work weaves together oddities, fears and beliefs formed from observations of growths and the human body. These elements shape our individual psyche and, freed from reason, they attach and re combine with each other creating new stories and associations. The imagination is the ultimate means of exploration and escape; a place to confront and understand our experiences… just as encounters with the strange and bizarre are not always terrifying, neither is that which is small and beautiful always harmless. These are the contradictions we live by.

For further details on this or any other Arts Office activities please contact the Arts Office, No. 72, John Street, Kilkenny on 056 7794138.

15th October
My experimentation in the world of 3d was interrupted slightly by an offer of a show during the project and this meant I had to get five paintings completed before I could loose myself again. As you can see from the images, my stay at No 72 was very productive both during and in the weeks months that following. It has given me new directions in which to investigate and enriched by career. I have partaken in several long term residencies but have learnt more on the short stay in Kilkenny that any other. I was forced to attack and resolve some of my artistic demons over the short but intense stay.


The residency as a whole was a great opportunity to develop my practice in an empowering environment. I saw the opportunity as a chance to explore new directions in which I could use to vary my artist vocabulary, and that was exactly what happened. The work produced was shown shortly after in temple bar (with the Stone Gallery). The images above show the sculpture pieces and a variety of paintings the majority created in Kilkenny. One of my aims was to be able to work with space, as opposed to just hanging paintings on walls and to create assemblages as a painting in three dimensions. This is just the beginning of what I hope to be a long line of investigation. The residency gave me the support to experiment and make mistakes, in order to explore new techniques and create new challenging work.

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The aim and focus of the Art Residency at No. 76 is to enable the successful applicant to research and develop their practice. Other aims of the residency are to: give insights into how and why artists create their work, build relationships and further promote the Arts, provide an awareness and further appreciation of the Arts, cultivate and develop new audiences. The Kilkenny Arts Office is part of

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