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As I was looking at the different aspects of time, I decided to focus in on the personal effect that time has on us, looking at growth and decay or transformation. Read the rest of this entry »

Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve always been fascinated by how different people see different things.  Each person has a different association with different objects or images and these associations change the way that they view something.  I have found that these associations are usually dependant on their own dictionaries and these dictionaries are made up of their memories and their past experiences.  Some of these associations come from their personal experiences and some of these associations are from their culture.  In my work I have always tried to tell a story with the juxtapositioning of these ‘symbols’,  but the story is made by the viewer.  During my time here I have asked visitors to the gallery to tell me what their associations are with the different materials and images and also with the idea of time

Here are some of the results…….

‘Directions, with the north unravelled’

‘Sinister connotations of the rope – like a hangmans noose’

‘Like the rope at the harbours’





‘Like a crowd of people’





‘Like Lazers’



Feel free to add to this list ; -) Read the rest of this entry »


Last week, I had a visit from the 4th year Fine Art Students in Waterford with their tutor Gerard Casey.  With introductions aside, I began to ask each person about their process and I received a whole range of replies.  It was quite fascinating how everybody works in different ways, some people were more aware of the exact details of how they work and some not so much; some working more with their left brain and some more with their right.

I then showed a video of my work and I performed a short piece that I had been working on.


Then, we did a little movement work, the focus was mainly on becoming more connected with the body and I used a combination of visualisation, body awareness, yoga and breath.  

Here are some of the results….



I had been working on a short movement piece for a while and I eventually got a recording I was happy with.  Once I began to work with the video piece something else began to happen.  Video has its own language and is full of decisions, precision, timing and rhythms.  I began with a feeling about the piece and the title and then the rest happened from there.  Each decision leading to another and then those few parts of the video that you know aren’t quite right so you try different things until something fits.  

Music and sounds

This piece wasn’t made to this music but it was playing when I finally got a recording that I was happy with and well it just fitted really!  The sound of the breath was from the movement piece itself and some of my own spoken word was playing in the background.

So the next decision where do I place the music track in the video sequence?  If I attempt to sink the music and the dance completely in pace and dynamic, then they are unified and move as a unit…so what happens when I don’t ?

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