Thank you to all those who came to no. 76 John St. on Wednesday last for the Your Video Here Kilkenny film and video screening. There was a great conversation and discussion afterwards on the theme of augmented realities and people views and opinions of its potential and its future. 


 ‘They Live’, 1988,

Written and Directed by John Carpenter.

Black Mirror: ‘The Entire History of You’, 2011,

Directed by Brian Welsh. Written by Jesse Armstrong.

Series Creator Charlie Brooker.

 TED Talk Pranav Mistry ‘SixthSense Technology’, 2009

The first screening is an excerpt from the sci fi cult classic film ‘They Live’. When a down at luck wanderer happens upon a mysterious pair of glasses, he realises he can see the world and its inhabitants for what they ‘actually’ are.

The second screening is an excerpt from ‘The Entire History of You’, a fictional look into the future where all our memories and life experiences are encoded in real time onto tiny devices implanted into our skin, and we can ‘re-do’ and delete or save every action and memory.

The third screening is a TED talk featuring Pranav Mistry, a leading computer scientist who is developing research in augmented reality devices.

The fourth screening is from the open submission call for this event, a video work featuring Kevin Nally, an Irish artist currently working with AR.

Audience discussion points

  • Will augmented reality increase our quality of living, when we are hyper aware of actions and consequences?
  • If Augmented Reality devices were to become mainstream, in what format would they be most beneficial to humans? A wearable device, eg Glasses, necklace or a handheld device, eg I-phone, i-pad, or an intuitive handheld device, eg Pranav Mistry’s stickie notes?
  • Will augmented reality devices heighten the divide between rich and poor, with ‘richer ‘ people living their ‘augmented’ lives?
  • The floor is open to Audience’s own thoughts and discussion points.


Excerpt from ‘They Live’ , John Carpenter, 1988. 


Excerpt from ‘They Live’ , John Carpenter, 1988. 


Audience discussion and conversation, YVH Kilkenny, 11th July, ‘Augmented Reality’.