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5th July: Jane having a look!

4-6 July

I found it a bit hard to concentrate on work the last few days; I think I felt a bit of an overload on art after the weekend in London! Because of that my installation work came to a stand still this week and it was mostly just print work I did.  Below are some images of the printing process:

Making a relief plate from mount board

The finished plate

Running the plate and paper through the press to get a print

Another layer of printing

the work station!

And then, back to John Street:

I managed to tear myself away from printing for a while to do some reading and research and came across a few interesting essays and quotes. One of these essays was on the ‘Symbolism of Place’  ( . It talked about how ,for the ‘ancient man’ all the natural places of the world were filled with symbolism.  For example the junlgle having a primitive symbolic aspect because our first ancestors, the hunters and gatherers,  would have seeked sheltered in the jungles and forests. The  forest is also one of the greatest symbols of place change and a threshold symbol.





Made a giant pair of glasses for the window for people to look through the invisible monitor. Decided this over different square shapes etc, in keeping with the glasses and ‘wearable’ theme. They look tacky and garish abut a Image

are a good step in development, questioning and thinking.

Coupling it with the sentences ‘CAN YOU CONTROL WHAT YOU SEE?’  on the outside of the glass and‘CAN YOU CONTROL WHAT YOU THINK?’ on the screen.  However, I then SWOPPED big glasses for a smaller pair and wrote a small sticker saying ‘TRY’ on them.  These were more successful and people were more inclined to stop and pick up. This could be an element of two things: The Sign, and also the fact do we like the physical object to interact with and touch, as opposed to just looking through or at?



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