Little life-lines

As well as printing this week I decided to try something a bit new.  I wanted to move away from the dwelling motif and focus more on the concept of survival and life’s struggles and a person’s basic needs (physical and emotional) so I’ve started making little bundles from scraps of paper that are to resemble ‘survival’ or ‘rescue’ packages.

Day 19, 27 June: Rescue packs or life-lines

They are made from paper and gesso with words spray painted on to them. On Friday I played around with different ways of displaying them. I thought about having one inside each tipi or hanging them from strings.

Day 21

Day 21

Day 21:The window

After talking with both Joanne and Jane they gave me some ideas on making some type of parachutes for them. I’ve thought about using umbrellas or possibly casting them.

Day 21: sketch idea for ‘parachute & rescue pack’

Day 21: sketch idea for ‘rescue parachute’