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Placed projector and computer in the window to record people as they walked by. The daylight is an issue as the projection of the video is not very visible. Coupled the screening with quotes from the Filter Bubble. Only a few people noticed they were being recorded and watched themselves. Shoul id record theses actions from inside, taking notes etc, viewing how people act? Similar in concept to work iv done before but I have never recorded analytically the results and interaction with the pieces. 

Playing with different backgrounds of people walking by (substituting the street for a underwater on Photobooth programme on my iMac) Nobody noticed . Oh well.

However Im intrigued by the interplay of layering, the glass window reflecting back images, the computer capturing and palying back, and the projector projecting the image. Multi layers of capturing an image, and nobody realised their image was being captured. 






When I have finished making a new piece of work on the computer I usually get it printed on canvas. I then start to work over the surface dissolving and manipulating the ink by hand

I would like to see how it works on paper and I am going to use some of my residency time to explore this a little

Below are details of two pieces I am currently working on in the arts office. The first one is printed on matt paper and the second on gloss

detail of digital print on matt paper

detail of digital print on gloss paper

Found a great Human camera experiment online, ‘TOUCHY’, a camera for the head, takes a photo when the wearer is touched by another person. It uses haptics, recording and visual perception to explore mental illnesses among other things. Finalising a date and content for a Your Video Here Kilkenny screening. Looking at showing short excerpt from ‘They Live’ by John Carpenter, a whole episode or excerpt from Charlie Brookers ‘Black Mirror the Entire History of You’.  This screening will be curated  and intends to focus on this body of work and research and allow the discussion that will develop after to benefit the progression of the research and work. 



I am going to spend part of my time here walking in and exploring Kilkenny and the surrounding area photographing as I go. This way of collecting visual information is a vital part of my practise and although the new work I make will not strictly be about Kilkenny some of the images will gradually be incorporated into the new pieces I make

Walking in the peaceful Butler House walled garden over the weekend I came across these gorgeous wind-shattered peonies collapsing over the hedges

Some of my work on the gallery wall

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