Some printing

Day 6, Wed 20 June: I had a chat with Mary this morning about where I’m going with my work and what I hope to achieve at the end of the residency.  I feel that I’ve gone off in too many different tangents and that I’m starting to confuse myself (and any visitors to the space!).  I’d like to focus in on one thing and develop that.  At the end of the next 5 weeks I want to come out with something finished and resolved or something more concrete that I can take away with me to develop over the next year.  I want to determine the materials that I will work with, the methods I will use and the imagery.

However, by trying to focus in on something I ended up completely over thinking everything and really confusing myself! So far I’ve come up with the temporary dwellings, the traveller/pilgrim/ the explorer/inverstigator and traces of the human presence found in the landscape.  I’m also interested in combining print and the object.

A big sketchbook!

After a lot of writing and drawing I realised my work is not just about the dwelling, it’s about the journey and a way of living. It’s about the ups and downs and struggles to survive life’s obstacles. Big and small and how these basic needs and wants haven’t changed that much from the prehistoric man to today. Our lovely anthropologist Julie brought in a brilliant (and huge) book on the artist Anselm Kiefer and I feel refreshed and inspired now!! Ready to make loads and stop worrying about it! I’m going to focus on my print works and let the installation work develop from there. I started cutting images out of mount board to use for relief print.  I think this works better for me than woodcuts. 

Stencils for printing

I also made a start on a ‘tipi village’:

Day 18, 22 June 2012: Tipi Village!