Jane and Joanna arrived this week! Wooooooh! Not that Niamh isn’t fantastic company!  Speaking of Niamh, she treated us to a lovely trip out of the studio to KCAT. It was a great reminder of the beauty of art and what it can do for people.

Week 5: The window

Back at the studio I looked around at this camp area I’ve set up which is surrounded by different things and I wrote down a few quick thoughts on what my work is supposed to be saying.   In a way it is about the life of the nomad and its pros and cons.  Is the nomad running away from life or emmersing themselves in it.  I also thought that the simple things work better so I should stop trying to over complicate it.

I added a few more books to the book installlation and looking at it again there really is something about it I like.

I also started making some collograph plates.

Collogrph plate: carbarondrumand pva on mount board with incised lines

Day 15: Half way point!! Disocvered the power of an open door today- we had a lot more visitors than usual.  It was reallly encouraging and enjoyable talking to people who were just passing-by.  I wanted to try something a bit different day and just have fun with it so i filled one of the walls with a drawing cut out of newsprint and inserted bits of text to fill in the gaps in a way.

Day 15: My ‘cut-out’ drawing

Close-up: the earth’s crust


Day 15