Well, we opened Smitten. And all in all, it went down really well.

It debuted in Cork on Thursday June 16th to a healthy house (around 50) and it went down really well across the board, even getting a nice standing ovation at the end.

Smitten had played as part of Solstice, a fantastic multi disciplinary arts festival that was located entirely within the Old FÁS Building on Sullivans Quay in Cork City. We were in the musical interlude slot which perfectly suited Smitten and indeed we were more ‘a play with a dash of music’ than ‘music with a dash of theatrics’.

The festival was extremely well run, organised and executed and the social aspect of it wherein we got to meet other theatre practitioners and companies was extremely beneficial. We managed to catch an awful lot of shows, attend a few of the symposiums that were on offer and in between we were able to lap up a lot of the sights and sounds of Cork City. It definitely provided a fantastic showcase for our work and company.

After our arrival back yesterday we’re now in the process of putting the show back together, stitching a little bit onto the 90 minute running time (well, 97 if the clocks tell the truth) and getting ourselves reblocked for our Kilkenny space.

It’s going to be a long week and a whole lot of elbow grease is going to be used up. The good news is that the play works and we have already had a great experience of playing it in front of an enthusiastic audience. Here’s hoping it goes down just as well in Kilkenny!

Smitten opens this Sunday June 26th and runs until Saturday July 2nd.