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WE’RE OFF to Cork. We’ve been working away in the Arts Office every day for the past two weeks in the preparation for Smitten. More photo shoots, video shoots (video coming soon), more props, more costumes, more acting – or less acting to be specific. We’ve made a few chops and changes, dropped a scene or two, packed our bags and now we’re ready to hit the road.

Are we excited?


Are we ready?


Are the good people of Cork ready? Here’s hoping.

The Arts Office will be closed to the general public in our absence so if you’re looking for tickets for Smitten in Kilkenny, the best we can advise you to do is the get your tickets online here or phone 056-7794138 and leave your details for a reservation. We’ll contact you as soon as we’re back in Kilkenny.

Solstice, where we’re heading, marks our second adventure outside of Kilkenny for the year. When we started out five years ago we had touring the top of our agenda, and it’s been there every year since. I think one of the goals we had for the residency was to develop some work that could travel and maybe put ourselves in a position to tour at the end of the residency but as things panned out, by the time we finish up at No 76 next month we’ll have not one, but two festival appearances under our belts, with two different shows.

So, hopefully the good people of Cork will enjoy what they see as much as we’ll have enjoyed putting it all together. Of course, if you like what you see in Cork this Thursday evening at 6pm in the Old Fás building on Sullivan’s Quay (like the plug?) then you’ll love what opens at No 76 on June 26th. Call it the all-singing-all-dancing-all-technicolour extended version, a treat for the home audience.

We’ll go break legs, not hearts. Wish us look, we’ll see you on the other side and we’ll be back in the office on Monday to get our Kilkenny groove on. Just to finish on a light note, here’s a few things you might not know about Cork. We’re all about learning and informing, or didn’t you know that?

  • County Cork is the largest County in Ireland, and Cork City is Ireland’s third largest city after Dublin and Belfast. The area of Cork City is 3,731 hectares. County Cork covers an area of 7,459 square kilometres or 2,880 square miles, which is 11% of the Irish State.
  • There are many tourist attractions in Cork and one of the most popular is Blarney Castle, here you will get an opportunity to ‘Kiss The Blarney Stone’ – when you kiss the Blarney Stone it is said you will get the ‘Gift of The Gab’ meaning you will speak in a persuasive and interesting way! Don’t forget too, there’s also Solstice.
  • Cork Harbour is said to be the second largest harbour in the world, after Sydney Harbour in Australia. The motto on the coat of arms of Cork City is ‘Statio Bene Fide Carinis’ which means ‘A Safe Harbour for Ships’. Only thing is, when Devious Theatre arrive in Cork, you know someone’s gonna see us and utter the phrase “We’re gonna need a bigger boat”. At least they have the harbour for it anyway, what?

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