Smitten Final Poster

Game. On. Here’s the final version of the Smitten production poster that goes off to print today. You’ll be able to stop and admire the poster in all its A0 technicolour glory here in the Arts Office from next week.

Photography by Ken McGuire. Concept and production design by Paddy Dunne. Shot on location here at the Arts Office – amazing what you can do with a few lights, a half tub of electric green paint and a few walls.

On the tickets front, everything’s well divided into nice daily envelopes here with tickets walking out the door at a steady pace. They’re now available to buy, in person, from the Arts Office here on John Street, priced

  • €8 – Opening Night Only (Sunday June 26th)
  • €12 – Monday June 27th – Saturday July 2nd

If you can’t make it into town to grab a ticket, then don’t worry, you can still buy your tickets online here. Please note that if you are looking to reserve tickets, you may do so by phone, or by calling to the arts office in person. Tickets on reserve must be paid for / collected the day before your show. We reserve the right to put uncollected tickets back on sale to the general public.

See all y’all on the 26th 🙂