What just happened? One minute we’re getting ready to open Shifting. Next thing you know we’re in rehearsal for Smitten.

That’s how we roll.

Shifting has been laid to rest, the Arts Office transformed back to some sense of near normality but we’re already rocking and rolling our way into production number three as the entire cast (bar one) of Smitten meet later this evening at No. 76 to read through John Morton’s much revised and developed / redeveloped / rebooted script. We’ve a ton of photos and more besides to bring you as well as a bit of a retrospective but for the moment we’re getting things set here to get back into the swing of things for Smitten.

Be warned – you may start to see photos of us dancing and prancing around No. 76 and if you’re calling in in person, please don’t be scared. Or just call in and watch or join in the craic. Lord knows it’s going to be a ball. More on Smitten for you in a few days when we announce the official dates, details and tickets.