Shifting is done and dusted. Six nights, sold out. Six night, six standing ovations. While we gather our thoughts on everything, here’s some of what you may have missed. Needless to say, Bohemian Rhapsody will have taken on a whole new meaning for those involved in the show 🙂

Shifting - Alan Doyle as Eddie

Pic above: Alan Doyle as Eddie / Ed / Edward / Edbert (even)

Bohemian Rhapsody Gets In The Swing

Pic above: L-R: Peter O’Conner (Jim), Aoibhin Murphy (Laura), Geoff Warner-Clayton (David), Alan Doyle (Ed), John Kennedy (Jamie)

Mama... ooooooooooooh

Pic above: Peter O’Conner (Jim), Aoibhin Murphy (Laura)

Guitar Hero

Pic above: John Kennedy as Jamie. He’s so good on Guitar Hero that he can even play two player mode, by himself, and win. When we said every element of our set was functional, we meant it.

The Curtain Call

Pic above: The curtain call on dress rehearsal night. Visible cast (L-R): Adrian Kavanagh (Eamon), Jess Walsh (Anna), Aoibhin Murphy (Laura), Colin O’Brien (Mark)

The above photos taken by Nathanael McDonald Photography on the dress rehearsal night of Shifting (Sunday April 17th)