Time is flying by at No. 76. As in, quite literally, flying. With a capital F. Scratcher is rapidly becoming a thing of the past as we find we’ve missed St. Patrick’s Day in the blink of an eye, due largely in part to working with this bunch.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new additions to The Devious Theatre Company. In most shows we try to add one new face, or at least one face that wasn’t in the previous show. This time, we’re adding twelve though folks who made the trip to Scratcher in February or Stags and Hens in July 2009 may remember one of the cast of Shifting but outside of Geoff, there’s eleven faces there that have never appeared in a Devious production before.

That’s all about to change, of course.

With a poster shoot planned for this weekend and a video shoot planned for next weekend – both in the Arts Office – we’re now just a month away from opening Shifting, written by John Kennedy, as the second of three works in our residency.

The cast, pictured above includes (if you can read the inscription on the photo) Connie Walsh, Alex Christle, Ruth Phelan, Alan Doyle, Aoibhin Murphy, Jessica Walsh, Rhian Gibson, John Kennedy, Adrian Kavanagh, Colin O’Brien, Geoff Warner-Clayton and Peter O’Connor.

Shifting kicks off at No. 76 on Monday April 18th and yes, we’ll be performing on Good Friday too so if you’re looking for a reason to get out of the house, then let Shifting be it.

Tickets are on sale online NOW and will be available to buy in person from this Wednesday.