If there’s one thing I’ve loving about the residency at No. 76, it’s the chance for us to get the good ship Devious in proper order and give us some time to get through the archives.

One of the activities planned for our time here is the development of some new audio theatre pieces comprising short promos and a full length radio production. Back in 2008 we recorded our own version of The War Of The Worlds to mark the 70th anniversary of the history brodcast by Mercury Theatre. The following year we scooped a PPI radio award for our production and while it’s been online in one form or another since then, we’ve finally started to get all of our audio bits and bobs under the one roof – SoundCloud.com.

I’m a great advocate of SoundCloud for its sharing abilities and make regular use of it for other podcasts I’m involved in producing so if you’ve never heard The War Of The Worlds, click play above to get started. At present, you’ll also find a few advert promos we recorded in house around WOTW, Cannibal! The Musical!! and a track we recorded specifically for Trainspotting, again in 2008.

We’ll be adding to this lot over the coming weeks and months with more interviews, script tests, older show promos and anything else we can get our hands on. It’s not just the stage you’ll find us on…