The revolution has begun. Last night, the guns were locked and loaded. Social welfare cards checked at the door. Radios turned off, air conditioning turned on. Judge, jury, zombies, musicians, students, guards, politicians, fairytales, rebellions, risings, dancing, crying, tears of joy, tears of frustration and guns – lots of guns.

The Devious Theatre Company opened their first of three stage productions as part of their residency at No. 76 last night with the Kilkenny debut of Scratcher, a sharp snapshot of life in a dole queue that changes dramatically when one man, on a Tuesday morning, decides to take matters into his own hands, for better or worse.

Scratcher is a show for the young, the old, the unemployed, those who have experienced the dole queue, those who have a gripe with the political system, society, jobs, the government, the banks and everything else the country has to offer in its current state.

This is social warfare.

The revolution has begun.

Scratcher is being staged at No. 76 John Street, having opened last night (Tuesday) and running until Saturday February 26th. Limited tickets available each night priced €12 are available for purchase from the Arts Office during office hours. There may be tickets available on the door but we can’t guarantee that. Doors open at 7:30pm and due to the nature of the show it may not be possible to admit latecomers. For more on Devious Theatre, visit