Yes folks, proof that theatre now exists at No. 76 John Street.

While theatre exists, we may be beating our actors up in rehearsals. Just a little bit.

But the most important thing, is that Ken (as in me, as in I) gets to sit down during rehearsals, with his feet propped up by fellow actors. Mind you, I’ve already been physically put through a chair, so I figure getting to sit down every now and again isn’t so bad.

Rehearsals are ticking along very nicely, schedules are being hammered out for the final two weeks before we head to Dublin and the record for “keepy uppy” stands at a prestigious 118.

In preparation for Dublin, we hauled the main cast of Scratcher to Dublin yesterday for a few hours at THEATREclub’s space at The Lab on Foley Street, all done under the watchful eye of Annie Ryan, Artistic Director and founder of The Corn Exchange. The feedback and external views on the show, provided by Annie, at this stage of production have proved to be most valuable indeed.

With the show opening in Kilkenny just under three weeks from today, we’ll be opening up the ticket sales this week through and here at the Arts Office on John Street. They’re not available to buy in physical form just yet, but trust me when I say you’ll be the first to know!

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