Ever since I have painted the red shape on the gallery wall my plans have been changing, the space depicts what I am going to do, and the red shape has changed this dramatically. Plan ‘B’ is getting put into action.

The tuesday evening workshop was very possative, the realisation that everything has to be finished by next week made everyone step up a gear, and also I think its all making more sense now as they understand the process much more. The hardest challenge for me was trying to take a photo of people working without eating a biscuit in the shot, I obviously failed with this  challenge.

Also, the last of the funny window shots, as its now my window again! I am going to draw on this window, its mine!!! So their moment of fame is over, I do feel a bit mean about it.

Alé the designer called by to collect images for the exhibition PR, below was me showing him the stop motion program, no one is safe from my in built camera! He says he will call in again and try out the program.

On Tuesday, Steve an illustration student called in and started to work on the collaborative chalk animation. He spent the day here, I had to lock him in while I went to the garage (there is an escape button, he wasn’t really locked in) He did well over 200 pictures, more than the whole of Kilkenny managed to do in 5 weeks! Below one of the photos took of Steven’s drawings.