I am loving my  time here so much here that I am starting to dig a tunnel under the arts office so they cannot remove me after June 18th.

This week I had a visit from the KCAT students. I showed them around and talked about whats involved in an artists residency and about my own work. I showed them some films and also asked them to contribute to the collaborative animation.

Heres a sneeky photo stop-motion I took

I will upload photos later, they are on Mary’s camera.

I get lots of people calling into the Art Office, some just want to hang a poster on the window and one guy came in just because he said the sign on the door said “Come on in!!!”. Its great talking to everyone, even if occassionaly I get an attack of ‘brain melt’ where I suddenly find I cannot string a sentence together coherently.

Franziska finished her work experience this week. this is a short animation card I made her. It was the least I could do after all her help painting.