I finally decided to put a seat in the second lady with the glittery top.

Niki de Saint Phalle would have been an inspiration right back into my college days. I was always fascinated with “Hon” where Niki collaborated with four other artists and built a huge 25m reclining lady. Visitors entered between the legs, there was a milk bar and a cinema and other activities inside the figure.

Above is a picture of “Hon”;  a chair by Niki da Saint Phalle and one of the buildings from her “Tarrot Garden” in Tuscany, a subject for a future blog maybe.

Big skirts are often used in parades, below is Meg performing as “Squirty Lady” in 2004 Macnas parade. I am unsure whether to mention the amazing water system we had attached to Squirty Lady’s backpack in the blog, lets just say technical problems (paint clogged up in pipes, night before emergency painting!) meant Meg stayed dry on the day, but we had seen it in rehearsal, and it was great!

Below the paper machéing of the skirt and Franziska checking that the seat is safe enough, all part of her work experience training.

I am wondering about the paint job on the skirt, not entirely sure if I am happy with it, three layers of paint and it still looks streaky. A spray gun would sort it, or maybe I’l cover it in fabric. I will leave it for a few day s and get back to it.

Above, three of Kilkenny’s finest artistic talents all sitting on the seat in the skirt.