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Wednesday, at the end of the animation workshop Tess from The Kilkenny People called in to interview me and talk with the group, as well as a photographer.  This is the second to last workshop, so the pressure was on to try to complete work, things got a bit hectic and giddiness set in. I hope she managed to make some sense of it all.

I caught Tess on camera too, but wait, who’s that rushing around in the background? Prizes to identify mystery person.

This is what you are up against if you take on a residency here, work harder or you get a clout.

Ever since I have painted the red shape on the gallery wall my plans have been changing, the space depicts what I am going to do, and the red shape has changed this dramatically. Plan ‘B’ is getting put into action.

The tuesday evening workshop was very possative, the realisation that everything has to be finished by next week made everyone step up a gear, and also I think its all making more sense now as they understand the process much more. The hardest challenge for me was trying to take a photo of people working without eating a biscuit in the shot, I obviously failed with this  challenge.

Also, the last of the funny window shots, as its now my window again! I am going to draw on this window, its mine!!! So their moment of fame is over, I do feel a bit mean about it.

Alé the designer called by to collect images for the exhibition PR, below was me showing him the stop motion program, no one is safe from my in built camera! He says he will call in again and try out the program.

On Tuesday, Steve an illustration student called in and started to work on the collaborative chalk animation. He spent the day here, I had to lock him in while I went to the garage (there is an escape button, he wasn’t really locked in) He did well over 200 pictures, more than the whole of Kilkenny managed to do in 5 weeks! Below one of the photos took of Steven’s drawings.

I am loving my  time here so much here that I am starting to dig a tunnel under the arts office so they cannot remove me after June 18th.

This week I had a visit from the KCAT students. I showed them around and talked about whats involved in an artists residency and about my own work. I showed them some films and also asked them to contribute to the collaborative animation.

Heres a sneeky photo stop-motion I took

I will upload photos later, they are on Mary’s camera.

I get lots of people calling into the Art Office, some just want to hang a poster on the window and one guy came in just because he said the sign on the door said “Come on in!!!”. Its great talking to everyone, even if occassionaly I get an attack of ‘brain melt’ where I suddenly find I cannot string a sentence together coherently.

Franziska finished her work experience this week. this is a short animation card I made her. It was the least I could do after all her help painting.

I finally decided to put a seat in the second lady with the glittery top.

Niki de Saint Phalle would have been an inspiration right back into my college days. I was always fascinated with “Hon” where Niki collaborated with four other artists and built a huge 25m reclining lady. Visitors entered between the legs, there was a milk bar and a cinema and other activities inside the figure.

Above is a picture of “Hon”;  a chair by Niki da Saint Phalle and one of the buildings from her “Tarrot Garden” in Tuscany, a subject for a future blog maybe.

Big skirts are often used in parades, below is Meg performing as “Squirty Lady” in 2004 Macnas parade. I am unsure whether to mention the amazing water system we had attached to Squirty Lady’s backpack in the blog, lets just say technical problems (paint clogged up in pipes, night before emergency painting!) meant Meg stayed dry on the day, but we had seen it in rehearsal, and it was great!

Below the paper machéing of the skirt and Franziska checking that the seat is safe enough, all part of her work experience training.

I am wondering about the paint job on the skirt, not entirely sure if I am happy with it, three layers of paint and it still looks streaky. A spray gun would sort it, or maybe I’l cover it in fabric. I will leave it for a few day s and get back to it.

Above, three of Kilkenny’s finest artistic talents all sitting on the seat in the skirt.

These are two films from my two swimming sessions with Waterford and Carrick triathlon clubs in Dunmore East. The films are made for the triathlon clubs as a thank you for letting me swim with them. I concentrated on getting as many of them in as possible, for their enjoyment, they are not my art films.

This is the second week.

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