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I discovered stop motion animation almost by accident. I had been trying to document my art work and was attempting to show how some parts of my work either has doors in them or parts that moved. In November 2008 I participated in a one day stop motion animation workshop with artist Aideen Barry at the Galway Film Centre. Aideen also gave me an extra tutorial on editing which was greatly appreciated.
Below is an example of what I had originaly intended on using the animation for:

…. but from that day I caught the animation bug.

Once you have the animation bug you find it hard to look a a regular drawing or image without concidering the potential to make it move. I am still learning animation and am teaching myself mainly through my many mistakes, it is important to have caught the ‘bug’ to enable you to spend so much time re-doing your work.

Since 2009 I invested in a laptop for the groups to use, cameras and tripods and am now delighted to be teaching basic stop motion animation to groups of all ages. It is such an enjoyable art form to teach and it combines so many different skills for groups to learn, the feedback is always so possotive, people just get blown away by the magic of making their work come to life.

At the same time as me discovering animation, artists Aideen Barry and Cathal Mc Carthy were working on “Words are My Prisoner” art project with Carrowbeg Theatre Company  in Westport, Co Mayo, I really liked the way the work combined all different art mediums in particular the input of animation.

I had seen on the W.A.M.P. website (the link above) an image of large projected animated  heads and I contacted them and asked if I could use the idea with the Tuesday animation group.

It also reminded me of the old Peter Gabriel “Sledgehammer” video, the song I never liked, but the animation always fascinated me, it looks a bit dated mow though, below is a small 20 second snippet of the video.

In order to plan the workshop out I made my own projected face animation and it was great fun to do. I did this just in a couple of hours just for an example.

The second workshop went really well and the group enjoyed taking the photos, projecting them on the wall and tracing them. I have asked them to concider what will be happening and animated around their heads and to bring in any objects and images from home for the third session next week.

The drawings looked stunning and we stuck some up on the window. James stuck a brown envelope over his mouth, the drawings have been attracting a crowd at the windows.

Appollogies – the W.A.M.P. link doesn’t work, I will find out how to add the link correctly, but for now you can google it and you will get to their website.

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