No.76 John’s Street used to be an interior shop and Friday was the day arranged to take down the final wallpaper paneled wall.

For my June exhibition in Kilkenny Arts Office I will be exhibiting new work made in Kilkenny along side some work made from last year. The peice I had in mind for this particular wall needs an eight inch gap behind it to fit in a small box and a small screen. This was handy that this wall was being moved anyway as it wouldn’t be too much extra work to bring it forward.

Thanks to Steve and Andy for the help, they made a great wall, and Andy even cut off the top of his thumb for the cause, it was the new Velcorapter-laser-beam hand saw that did it. He will be ok and will be able to continue to make his own art! Phew.

I must find out/invent what plan ‘B’ is if the DVD player which is now inside the wall breaks down though… as the wall is completly solid!

This was Friday and I had planned to go back to Galway at the weekend to collect more work for the exhibition, it was very hard to drag myself away from Kilkenny, but while I was up in Co Galway I did take my new camera for a quick dip in my favourite swimming spot in Lough Mask, below is a short film of the lake.