Week three seemed to blur into just a mass of workshops, making art, buying materials, talking and generally totally loving working in Kilkenny and my fantastic big studio.

On Tuesday evening I ran the first of six animation workshops with a group of teenagers from Kilkenny.

Some had done a bit of animation before, we started with simple line drawing animation as its a great introduction to see results fast, and if you have animated before its always very enjoyable. I would usually ask the group to draw 12 images this makes up a whole second of animated film which can be looped if needed. The group got very absorbed and drew away up to fifty drawings.

This is a film is the results from their first session, there are two of the girls animations missing as they took them home to work on. The music is evidence of my extremely dodgy taste in music, the group will decide their own music or sounds for their final piece. I just crudely edited this together just for the blog.

Youtube seems to cut the last bit out of films, so you miss the flowers falling over in this film. I will sort this out later on.