For my next filming and swimming trip I was delighted to be able to contact Donal another swimmer from the Waterford Open Water Society, who is also training to swim the Channel in August, all on his own, in togs, he’s hoping to do it in around 14 hours. He showed me the most amazing cove just past Tramore where there is a group of regular year round swimmers.

I love the commradery of these swimming spots, everyone is always so friendly, a shared crazy passion for cold water. After all the banter of  “cheat” and ” thats not swimming” style rip-taking because I was wearing a wetsuit, they all calmed down when I said I’l go in in togs when I get back, but I had to film first and that’s slow cold work!

This film has a lot of different angles in, I love the upside down leg kicking shots and the bright light. The camera must have slipped up a bit as I was swimming as when I thought I was filming Donal swimming I was actualy filming the sky! All part of the learning curve and I still have lots of footage to go through, this is definately a continual work in progress.