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Where I am staying in Kilkenny my neighbor has pigeons and I came home Monday evening and was blown away by the beauty of the sun catching the white of the feathers them as they circled around the house.

I hope to ask if I can record the sound of them cooing (think that’s the right word) one day.

Credit to Maraid who pointed out the Shoal like apperrance.

Monday saw the first day of a series of stop motion animation workshops, starting with a week of morning workshops which will be followed up by weekly workshops with Aisling, Mairead, Elma, Teresa and Jack.

Some of the group had done animation before and some hadn’t, so I ran an introductory session that was great fun and we all got to know each other.

Below is the result of our first workshop.

The idea of these workshops is so that the group will get to learn basic animation skills and create a collaborative piece of work and exhibit it at the Arts Office along side my exhibition in June.

I had contacted the Waterford open water swimming society and arranged to meet Claire and her friends at Clonea Beach on Sunday morning for a swim. It is a beautiful beach in Waterford and I was looking forward to my second water trial out with the ‘Hero’ camera.

Even as I upload these stills from the film I am really excited by the images. I just hope that I will be able to do something worthwhile with them, they are really beautiful.

With this camera you can’t actually see what you are recording, so its not until you get back to a computer then you have to sift through hours of footage. I am new to using film as a medium and am learning fast, I reckon one of the secrets is, don’t shoot hours of footage….

We swam about 1km, but I was a fair bit  behind them, it was only after when we  were chatting they told me that they were training to swim The Channel in relay in August in togs, relay as in the race style, not as in really! That is very impressive.

After seeing the footage from my cameras 2nd trip out I know that I have to try to keep it in one position for longer, and also to stop ajusting it, as my hands were constanly in the shots.

The films I am making are research, it’s like film sketches. At this point I don’t know what the end product will be but I do know that I am very excited about this camera and the possibilities, once I get the hang of how to use it properly!

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