The next three days I organised the workshops, painted the archway pink because there was just too much white!

I drew more on the window and I started to cut out a sculpture for the corner of the front room.

The piece is a lady holding a cake and a vulture like bird. I have used a cake holding lady in a previous painting, but I thought it was appropriate as we are right next to The Two Dames Coffee Shop. I used plywood, beer-piping, bubble wrap and paper mache for the body and built her face out of paper mache over a clay former.

I may put a door spy-hole in and the light up a box inside, or I may project an image onto her skirt or make a door in it. It was more important just to make something to get stuck in, the rest will follow. I will make a larger figure on the other side of the archway, the guardians of the Arts Office!

I love kinetic art, anything that moves fascinates me. I will talk more about that in another post. As I have no film upload for this blog I feel I must share with you the best music video ever, the band are Ok Go, I don’t really know their music. This machine the scientists built is fantastic, I love how clever and yet how destructive it is. I won’t be building such a sculpture in Kilkenny in 2010, but it would be great to collaborate in the future with artists who are technical and scientific minded. Enjoy the film.