Tuesday morning, my proper first day and it was lashing rain and blowing a gale and my car decided not to start. Thanks to Trish and some jump leads eventually I got into the arts office a bit frazzled and with soggy runners.

I hung one of my dogs next to my desk to keep me company.

Naimh gave me the run down on where to buy materials from and I went shopping.

During my residency I will be running stop motion animation workshops with two different groups as well as attempting a collaborative animation that all the visitors to no 76 can contribute towards.

This is a total experiment and the logistical problems will be ironed out as they occur.

Below is a 3 second beginning of the animation, with the team in the arts office all contributing. The animation is based around the theme of water and in particular the River Nore. Who knows where it will go!

I also painted up a black board to have a second continual animation on the go, this hasn’t been started yet.

Whilst gathering materials I found these fantastic white opaque window markers in the local education supplies shop and started to draw on the windows. I’d seen illustrators at the FTLO Change exhibition opening in The mill Street Gallery in Dublin use them before.

The pens are fantastic to use, and I will draw on the window till I have covered it, this is not permanent, and could be smudged away at any given time, but it was great fun to draw on the window and I soon got used to the on lookers!