As I was looking at the different aspects of time, I decided to focus in on the personal effect that time has on us, looking at growth and decay or transformation. As the time passed the cabbage leaves I had placed on the floor began to change shape, texture and of course colour,

I researched the physical and psychological growth that we as humans undergo. The physical developments of the phoetus right through early childhood to adolescence to decomposition. In psychosocial terms, I researched the work of Erik Erikson, Erikson was one who organised this pychosocial growth into various stages and cited each stage as having an accompanying main question. For example the question at the first stage of Infancy ( birth to 18 months) ‘Is my environment trustworthy or not?’; the question at the Toddler stage ( 18 months to 3 years) is ‘Do I need help from others or not?’; School age (6 – teens) ‘ Am I good at what I do?; Adolescence ‘Who am I?’; Young Adulthood ‘Am I loved and wanted?’ Late Adulthood (60+) ‘What Kind of life have I lived?’

All this is on the web if anyone is interested in further study.

Previously, I decided to make the movement piece in four sections representing different stages of life and so I divided the floor into four and thought, Is age a place?

I took these various forms of information coupled with my writings on what these four stages meant to me and created movement. I thought about each stage in terms of tactile qualities and attributed a landscape to each to aid with movement generation and to affect the substance of the body in space. I worked on the four sections seperately and then brought them together, when I worked on it as a whole piece, parts of each section began to naturally thread through the other. I had already sketched the rough form of the installation and so this was also a subtle factor in the creation of movement material. Alongside this, I created a video for projection as part of the performance, this also contained some of the questions about time. In terms of structure and space, between the video and movement – there was a symbiotic growth.

It has been a really interesting experience for me personally as an artist because as I was inspired by aspects of time, past, present and future, I found that I was going into past work and bringing it forward to meet the present work. The installation itself was a combination of elements I have used in the past when the majority of my focus was on installation. They formed the exact vocabulary I was looking for to frame the movement I would create in the future.

So Happy Christmas and I hope you enjoy the documentation of the performance!

Installation image 1


These bags of sand were pierced and the sand was flowing out onto the floor throughout the performance

….and this is the video of the the performance (it may take a little while to download) ….