I’ve always been fascinated by how different people see different things.  Each person has a different association with different objects or images and these associations change the way that they view something.  I have found that these associations are usually dependant on their own dictionaries and these dictionaries are made up of their memories and their past experiences.  Some of these associations come from their personal experiences and some of these associations are from their culture.  In my work I have always tried to tell a story with the juxtapositioning of these ‘symbols’,  but the story is made by the viewer.  During my time here I have asked visitors to the gallery to tell me what their associations are with the different materials and images and also with the idea of time

Here are some of the results…….

‘Directions, with the north unravelled’

‘Sinister connotations of the rope – like a hangmans noose’

‘Like the rope at the harbours’





‘Like a crowd of people’





‘Like Lazers’



Feel free to add to this list ; -)