I had been working on a short movement piece for a while and I eventually got a recording I was happy with.  Once I began to work with the video piece something else began to happen.  Video has its own language and is full of decisions, precision, timing and rhythms.  I began with a feeling about the piece and the title and then the rest happened from there.  Each decision leading to another and then those few parts of the video that you know aren’t quite right so you try different things until something fits.  

Music and sounds

This piece wasn’t made to this music but it was playing when I finally got a recording that I was happy with and well it just fitted really!  The sound of the breath was from the movement piece itself and some of my own spoken word was playing in the background.

So the next decision where do I place the music track in the video sequence?  If I attempt to sink the music and the dance completely in pace and dynamic, then they are unified and move as a unit…so what happens when I don’t ?