The right brain is said to view the whole first and then the details after.  Here are some photo’s of the details. 


 ‘Circles and Lines’

 The first couple of days spent reacting to the space and intuitively working with materials to see what comes out.  Beginning with hessem rope and drawing on the walls, seeing the spirals unravel.




Pieces of hessem rope each a particular length, some tied together, some simply joined, this section repeats.

and then…..

Changing sides to the cabbage.  Placing the cabbage leaves in lines in the corner, placing them in a circle meeting each other and then into a spiral and back again.  CIrcles and lines. 



….and back to the line! 


‘String Maze’

The lines cutting across the space, the space having to be negotiated, the body having to weave in and around.  An open invitation to visitors to the space to interact. 

……and then to the recording of movement in the space, so the details become some sort of whole, the normal order of the left brain.