…..is a very good place to start.  I began by cleaning the space getting to know the corners, the shape, the colours and the fixtures. 

Finding the conversation between what I bring and what is already there. The question is about time and the relationship between two different sides of the brain – the left and the right. 

I realise that the joy is in not knowing the answer, being at this point of potential.  If I can sit with the question and not be in such a hurry to find its answer, then the arrival point is proceeded by a much more fruitful journey.  Once I have an answer, then the journey is over and I have missed a dozen other question that were hidden in the fabric of the question.

There is an urge to rush towards a completion, what is the motivation? 

So I use the walls and floor like a giant sketchbook!  Intuitively reacting to material and to the space.

The beginning