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Today I worked on the wire drawings adding to what I had, having a lot of fun playing about with the pattern and shapes. I use nature as an inspiration and combine the images together to create my own random objects, their like little creatures and insects.

Wire Drawings

Wire Drawings


I was playing about with the lighting and got some interesting shadows.

close up

close up


Below is a piece I pretty much started when I arrived, and it keeps on growing. They’re off-cuts of the plastic bags. I thought they were too pretty to throw out so I started to pin them to the wall.  I’m going to keep on adding to it and see how long it gets!   


It grows and grows

It grows and grows


 I have recently had Kilkenny County Councils Arts Office space, no. 72, renovated in order to enable me to expand on our residency programme. Therefore I am now really excited to introduce to you our first resident artist who will be focusing on movement, dance and the visual arts and potentially more besides…………  

Aisling Keating is a multidisciplinary artist.  For the last number of years she has been developing a synthesis between Dance/Movement and Art Performance.  This form has evolved from her varied background in Art, Music and Dance.  Inspiration is harvested from her continuing investigation into what she terms ‘the symbolic language’. It was many years ago that this investigation began with an avid interest in dream symbols.  She believes that just as a dream tells a tale steeped in visual, aural and physical meaning, she tries to weave the threads of interpretations sourced in order to tell a story.  A story told through picture, through movement, through sound and through spatial experience.

Symbols, Aisling says, emerge from emotional memory and are repetitively learned thought association with particular stimuli.  She cites these symbols as ranging from the personal to the universal and as being dependent upon personal and collective/cultural memory.

She believes this memory has a past, present and cumulative influence on the majority of people.  It can also be said to be interdependent to the individual’s perception of self, of others and of the world around them.  Within the realm of symbolic memory, she has been exploring a personal and cultural dictionary.  She believes these triggers to be pivotal in future interpretive responses and attempts to weave these meanings into a tapestry rich in communication. Recently, she has begun to explore the left and right brain and the influence of these modes of thinking on the body. Not only on an individual physical level, but also tracing the fluctuating dominance of these modes of thinking throughout history with an investigation into corresponding inventions.  For example, the left brain sees things in individual parts and art has been compartmentalised into separate disciplines such as visual art and dance. The right brain sees things as a whole and sees nothing as separate. Like any good story in literary or symbolic language, the work will mean many different things to different people.


Aisling recently completed her Masters of Arts in Contemporary Dance Performance’ at the University of Limerick and she also holds a ‘Degree in Fine Art (Print)’ – Crawford College of Art and Design, Crawford Sharman St., Cork where her main body of work comprised of Creative Movement for Film. She has also undertaken a diverse range of training in music and video etc. and has a wealth of experience in performance. 


Lesley Frew will complete her time here with us on Friday October 31st and Aisling Keating will commence her residency in the beginning of November.



Mary Butler, Arts Officer, Kilkenny County Council


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