So today is the first day out on my own again .  Being in the Arts office was great in many ways. Firstly it gave me a structure away from the family home and space to develop my thoughts, ideas and actual pieces. My own “studio” is now packed full of boxes, painting and other things I gathered like a magpie over the last 8 weeks. Working in the wonderful space in the Arts office allowed me to create  work that would only exist in my head or as drawings.  I challenged my own work processes and developed my practice as an Artist.

Mary Butler is very generous with her time. On Thursday  I had the opportunity to meet up and chat about my future plans. Mary understands the constraints that artist have in terms of studio space. This was a major issue for me as I just don’t have the room at home  to make this sort of work. I really want to continue with this work so space is important. On Saturday Mary rang me with good news. The Endangered Studios in Callan are willing to allow me to work there for 8 weeks:)

We also discussed the blog. This is my first time keeping a blog and at first I was unsure how to use the format.  I now realise how beneficial this blog is. It is almost like a creative diary. It allows me to reflect back on my practice as an artist, it helps me understand  my way of approaching new ideas and my way of working creatively.  The blog should be also helpful in writing the evaluation report.