Today is the last day of the “LandArt” . I don’t really know what term I should use. Landscapes? Nature art? Bog/ peat works? 

Anyway I started to clean the room starting at the back. I organised all the moulds, clay, tools, and paper and left them in a pile by the door. I was somewhat reluctant to stat to clean up the peat pieces. It was difficult for some visitors to understand the nature of this type of work especially it’s impermance. But this impermance is part of the process of making the work and growing seeds. Perhaps the difficulty for me was not the fact of the work no longer existing but the fact that I will have to leave this space . It was having this space that allowed me to challenge my own ideas on Land/nature art and to overcome my fears of not making something permanent. I would like to have the opportunity to further develop these ideas and this type of work. I now must think about how to make this possible. Although I have a large garden i don’t feel that it is an appropriate space to make this type of work. I am a social person and the hardest challenge for me is working alone in isolation. I benefitted greatly from the visitors who came to the Arts Office and I feel that this is an important element in creating work.

My brother and Ben came to help me clean up. It is amazing to see 7 weeks work cleared in half an hour. Ideas, thoughts and actual pieces take a long time to formulate and make yet in no time at all they’re s gone, only captured on video and  by photographs.