The window is attracting alot of people into the space. This is encouraging as people want to know what is happening and will ask questions. Many people have asked if I am growing shamrock as from a distance the mustard does resemble it. This is something I might consider to grow.

I set up a propagater lamp to encourage the grass seeds to grow. I made a mound of peat and grass balls. Hopefully when the grass grows, the roots will hold the peat together and I can experiment with hanging them. 

The peat and paper piece in the corner is attracting insects. There is a woodlouse already in residence nibbling away at the mustard and cress. Maybe I should call it Artist and woodlouse in residence!!

I started to make moulds for the ceramics tree-like sulpture. This will speed up the making process as I spent last week making six coil built bases which seems to take ages.