Over the last few week I have been displaying the paintings in the window. I need to continously consider what I will put in the window to attract the interest of the public. There is an article in the Kilkenny Voice magazine about my work. The photograph of the mound of daffodils was chosen by the editor. This was very successful in attracting the attention of the public.

I was feeling a little stuck over the last few days. At the moment I am not really generating ideas but am working on one idea in particular. I had decided to work on the circle of trees sculpture. I spent the last few days making coiled bases for this sculpture but this is a slow process.

I feel like I should keep experimenting with painting, drawing and the peat forms. I decided to talk to Mary butler about this. She suggested that alongside the ceramic sculpture that I should also develop another project. In this way I will have some concrete work with which I can continue with after the residency. A residency such as this, where you are not expected to produce finished works allows me to be freer with developing ideas which I can then either discard or continue at home.