making a tea bowl

Today I decided to use the potters wheel. Last week I brought it into the studio and it had remained idle for a few days. I threw some tea bowls all different shapes and sizes and I forgot how like meditation it can be. I have to focus on the clay and what is happening on the wheel.

Patrick O Connor came in today and made two tea bowls. Patrick was an Artist in residence in the same space a while back.

I am really enjoying watching the seeds grow on the peat forms and the way they lean towards the natural light. I want to use the whole space not just the floor so I started to think about other sacred spaces. The forest and woodlands are special places and for me there is a sense of awe at the beauty of them. I took some photos of the woods near my house early on Monday morning when the snow had fallen and I used these as a source of inspiration for drawing.

The mustard and cress seeds are growing.

These tree like forms will be hand built and raku fired.

I also had my first impromptu visit from a group of special needs people and they wanted to watch me throw a tea bowl( which i did). Some really enjoyed asking questions and were very inquistive. I enjoyed their brief visit.