Today I extended the peat and sand forms. I was researching sand mandalas so I decided to create a geometric shape in the middle of the circuluar peat form and planted some mustard seeds.

When the buddist monks have finished the sand mandala they have a ceremony and at the end they sweep the sand up and pass it out among the people. It is a nice ending to something that has taken alot of time to create.

The space is becoming more interesting now as the work is progressing. The hardest challenge for me was to not allow the empty space to imtimidate me. The real benefit for me is how one piece of work feeds another as I constantly refer to the work in progress. This allows for the work to naturally progress and change. I have been thinking alot about ceramics and how I will incorporate my love of clay and nature. There has been alot of published material on ceramics and installation and this is an area that I would like to investigate further.