The Kilkenny county council residency (like the famous TV advert) “does exactly what it says on the tin”. They supplied me with whatever materials I needed and have most equipment that you could need on site. They are also very actively involved in the arts and are a great source of information as regarding Arts/studio groups, contacts, suppliers and general arts information.



10th September

I arrived at the space as an outsider, knowing very little about Kilkenny or its surroundings which was great.  This meant I had to do my homework on site. It took the week to find my feet; I think any future resident should calculate this into their timetable. This first week might not have looked productive externally but it gave me time to set a base for the following weeks of work. 6 weeks is a very short time and I found that this type of pressure is essential, it will force me to bury myself in the work and this will in turn force me to engage in the work 100%, helping everything to evolve at a faster rate