25th June
For me, it was important to celebrate the end of the residency while showing the produced works.  For several reasons:
• I think that the end of a project must be celebrated.
• This is not only ‘what if’, its real, on the walls.
• To see the work in a perfect environment with people around gives another dimension to the work and allows taking good pictures for future files.
• It is important to take advantage of that kind of event to thank people involved in the project.  I think about all the people around Eogan for example.

At first there was no time for a celebration but Mary and the Arts Office staff managed something and we organised an opening.  This was a really good occasion. 


What the residency brought me?
• I realised 10 paintings 100cm x 100cm and even if I find some weaknesses in one or the other, it was important to finish the project.
• To have the time and the budget to dedicate myself to only a single objective.
• Process rationalisation.
• Perfected techniques of collage and colour.
• Clarification of the concept and objectives.
• The collaboration with Eogan was very beneficial.  After the first of his discourses, he thanked me for helping him to realise his vision but I think that I learned more from him that the opposite.
• Professionally and personally it was very good.