4th June
This week I prepared my drawings on computer, the collages and the photocopies.  Over the weekend, I did the actual messy work (colour spray, painting)
The procedure:
1. Elaboration of my drawings by computer, doodling, photocopies… that constitutes the first stage.
2. Collage of this assemblage on canvas.
3. Black and white paint to unify the picture and create the composition.
4. Add in colour.

For me, it is important that the placement in colour intervenes finally when all the elements of the composition are in place.  I wanted to take at the residence advantage to perfect a new technique of placement of colour.  The varnishes and oil colours I used make me ill.  It was necessary to find a solution with watercolour.  Without returning to the details, I found an ink mixture that compares well with the varnishes and even allowed new perspectives.